Palliative Care Service in Malaysia ~
CARE Concierge provides health professionals for eldercare and home recovery. Our CARE Pros (nurses, caregivers & therapists) are certified and trained with our proprietary technology to assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), to provide specialised care for cancer, stroke recovery, post-hospitalisation, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and to perform medical procedures and therapies.
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Our palliative care services are designed to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family and to provide assistance to help the patient live with dignity. Our trained CARE Pros are here to ensure the comfort of your loved one and to assist with their care in a familiar place called home.


We aim to help ease your distress during this time of need, so the family can continue with their daily routine while having the assurance that their loved one remain comfortable at home with professional nurses or caregivers. Our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists will also work out a care plan for the patient to help them throughout the course of their illness or for those patients who are working on their treatment plans.


Our team of nurses and caregivers have the experience with palliative care patients and can identify and address symptoms to provide relief, we also understand cultural and family needs during this challenging time. Good care prepares the patient to undergo and complete medical treatments so they can live as best possible in the comforts of their own home.


Call us now on 1300 22 8822 or +603 2724 3828 (overseas) to speak to your CARE Manager


Our palliative care services are designed to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family. Our trained CARE Pros are here to ensure the comfort of your loved one and to assist with their care.


Call us now on 1300 22 8822 or +603 2724 3828 (overseas) to speak to your CARE Manager


These are the roles and responsibilities that the caregiver will be entrusted with

ADLs & Hygiene

We help bathe/change diapers, toilet visits, dress, feed and lift & transfer


Our caregivers will interact with your loved ones to keep them engaged and connected.

Personal Assistant

Our caregivers are personal assistants who can manage your daily routine. (transport, visits etc).

Monitoring Vitals

Our caregivers use our special app to monitor all health vitals, and to manage their daily task.


We help to manage and track medication intakes for your loved ones.

Basic Physiotherapy

Customized range of motion exercises and massaged to suit your loved ones needs.

Daily Task Reporting

We work as a team with a CARE Manager, with Doctors & Nurses on standby

Meal Preparation

Our CARE Pros can prepare simple meals, help order food delivery and assist with feeding




per hour

Day Care

10 hours (8am – 6pm)


per day


Monthly Packages

6-day week


per month


Activities of Daily Living
Diary and Vitals Recording
Dispensing Medication
Grooming & Personal Hygiene
Exercise and Basic Physiotherapy
Mind Stimulation Exercises
Preparation of Meals
Daily task and reporting

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per hour

Day Care

10 hours (8am – 6pm)


per day


Monthly Packages

6-day week


per month


CARE Assist Package plus

NGT / PEG Feeding
Dementia / Alzheimer’s
Palliative Care
Depressed / Aggressive

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per procedure

Physiotherapy RM 120.00 per hour

*Call us for long term special rates

Medical Procedures & Therapy


Medical Procedures
Naso-gastric Tube Feeding
Catheter Change
PEG Tube Change
Complex Wound Dressing
Other therapies

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Our CARE Pros

Your loved ones are important to us, as well as the safety and security of your home. Our CARE Pros are selected after screening and in-person training before they are matched by our CARE team to a case that suits their training and experience.


They are also backed by a team; A CARE Manager to handle your case and to work closely with the CARE Pros on reporting and monitoring, and a team of Doctors and Registered Nurses to advise where needed. Our proprietary app also provides access to digital resources for live reference on-the-job.


Police Check

Police Verification



Verifying Certificates


Health Screening

Healthy Caregivers


Regular Training

Continuation of Upskilling

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We would like to get to know you or your loved ones better to provide a customized CARE plan and to walk you through our services.


Leave us a message in the contact us form or you can chat with us below or speak to our CARE Manager now


Call us on 1300 22 8822 or +603 2724 3828 (overseas)

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